🫴Fetch a user's notifications

This endpoint lets you retrieve a list of all active notifications you've created with your API key.


GET /api/v1/nodefy/notifications/


Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY

Response (Success):

    "id": 123,                             // Notification ID (integer)
    "external_user_id": "user123",         // External user ID
    "channel": "EMAIL",                    // Notification channel
    "notification_name": "My ETH Notification", // Notification name
    "delivery_location": "user@example.com", // Recipient address (e.g., email address or Telegram ID)
    "event_details": {                     // Details about the event
        "network": "ETH_MAINNET",
        "event_type": "ADDRESS_ACTIVITY",
        "addresses": ["0x123...abc"],
        "filters": [
                "field_name": "value", 
                "operator": "gt", 
                "value": "0.1", 
                "value_type": "int" 
            // ... more filters if applicable
  // ... other notifications for the user

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