Defining Event Types

Explore the types of events you can monitor through the Nodefy API.


Nodefy supports a wide array of onchain events across multiple blockchains:

  • Address Activity: Track any ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 transaction or transfer involving a specified address.

  • NFT Activity: Monitor events like NFT transfers, sales, and minting.

  • GraphQL Events: Monitor specific smart contract events.

  • Farcaster Casts: Stay updated on new casts (posts) by specific Farcaster users.

Event types require at least one parameter to successfully define an event for your notification. Reference the table below for required parameters by event_type.

To build more targeted and effective notifications, we recommend applying additional filters to the event_type. More detail can be found in the Using Filters section.

Event Types

Event_TypeDescriptionRequired Parameters


Monitor any activity (transactions, transfers, etc.) on a specific address

addresses (array of addresses)


Monitor specific smart contract events using GraphQL

addresses (smart contract event address)


Monitor NFT-related events (transfers, sales, etc.) for a specific contract or collection



Monitor new casts (posts) on Farcaster

keyword, author_fids, channel, or mentioned_fids

(Other types to come)



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