Learn how to track any transaction involving a specific wallet address

Notifications on wallet addresses are address_activity event type. Common use cases are to provide user payment confirmations, hosted wallet updates or track other smart money wallets.

Event Type: address_activity

To create an address activity event, send a POST request to the /api/v1/nodefy/notifications/ endpoint with the following JSON payload:

Example Request:

    "external_user_id": "test123",                          //optional
    "channel": "EMAIL",                                     //required
    "notification_name": "Payroll Complete",                //optional
    "template": "Your monthly payroll has been completed"   //optional 
    "delivery_location": "hr@company.xyz",                  //required
    "event_details": {
        "network": "BASE_MAINNET",                          //required 
        "event_type": "ADDRESS_ACTIVITY",                   //required
        "addresses": ["0x60e4d8...a7c6"],                   //required

Required address_activity parameter:

  • addresses: An array of wallet address(s) to track. This address(s) should be a high-level identifier for the events you're interested in listening for.

Wallet Filters

You can easily layer more nuanced filters like to_address, from_address, token_type and more using our filter system. See Using Filters section for more details.

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