Learn how to monitor specific cast activity on the Farcaster protocol

Monitor new casts on the Farcaster protocol, filtering by author, mentions, or keywords. This event type can be used to track specific users, identify trending topics, or even build a new Farcaster client.


To create a Farcaster event type, send a POST request to the /api/v1/nodefy/notifications/ endpoint with the following JSON payload:

Example Request:

  "external_user_id": "user123",                           
  "channel": "WEBHOOK",                                    
  "notification_name": "New Farcaster Cast",             
  "delivery_location": "https://webhook.site/cdcf-6718df-asdf",
  "event_details": {
        "network": "FARCASTER",
        "event_type": "FARCASTER_CAST",
        "text": ["keyword1"]

Required FARCASTER_CAST Parameters:

One of the following parameters must be provided in order to successfully create a webhook to monitor all casts:

  • text: A string containing keywords. The webhook will trigger if any of these keywords are found in a cast.

  • author_fids: An array of Farcaster user IDs (FIDs) to monitor. The webhook will trigger for new casts created by these users.

  • mentioned_fids: An array of FIDs that, if mentioned in a cast, will trigger the webhook.

  • channel: A string of the Farcaster channel name. The webhook will trigger for new casts in this channel(s).

Farcaster Event Filters

You can apply more specific filters on Farcaster events using our filter system. Filters allow you to capture events based on parameters such as a range of FIDs, power badge status, and more. Refer to the "Using Filters" section for more information.

Example Webhook Payload:

  "createdAt": "2024-06-13T18:39:18.083001",
  "data": {
    "notification_name": "Farcaster Payload Test",
    "transaction_hash": "0x81f2a83527061c536d03c9c9be97b28059c7eced",
    "from_wallet": [
    "to_wallet": "Undefined",
    "status": "",
    "asset": "Undefined",
    "value": "This is the cast text that contains a keyword you filtered on",
    "type": "FARCASTER_CAST",
    "network": "FARCASTER",
    "hook_payload": {
      "object": "cast",
      "hash": "0x81f2a83527061c536d03c9c9be97b28059c7eced",
      "thread_hash": "0x81f2a83527061c536d03c9c9be97b28059c7eced",
      "parent_hash": null,
      "parent_url": null,
      "root_parent_url": null,
      "parent_author": {
        "fid": null
      "author": {
        "object": "user",
        "fid": 20698,
        "custody_address": "0x64cc8f7ff6d27151a4deb00674419c7453ca9775",
        "username": "baznocap",
        "display_name": "RJ ⚡️🎩🔵↑",
        "pfp_url": "https://i.imgur.com/dZEGWaA.jpg",
        "profile": {
          "bio": {
            "text": "Building Nodefy.xyz to improve onchain visibility"
        "follower_count": 342,
        "following_count": 285,
        "verifications": [
        "verified_addresses": {
          "eth_addresses": [
          "sol_addresses": []
        "active_status": "inactive",
        "power_badge": false
      "text": "This is the cast text that contains a keyword you filtered on",
      "timestamp": "2024-06-13T18:39:06.000Z",
      "embeds": [],
      "reactions": {
        "likes_count": 0,
        "recasts_count": 0,
        "likes": [],
        "recasts": []
      "replies": {
        "count": 0
      "mentioned_profiles": []
    "author": "baznocap"

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