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What is Nodefy?

Nodefy provides ready-to-use notifications in a single, unified API.

Why should I care about notifications?

Notifications are crucial to engage and retain your users. They provide relevant information in a timely, reliable, and convenient way. Notifications can be a huge source of value to both you and your users. Unfortunately, a good notification system takes significant resources away from building your core product. And no one likes a bad notification system.

That's why we've designed Nodefy to provide notifications that both you and your users will love.

Why Nodefy?

We're building Nodefy so you can implement advanced notifications in your app *without* the extra code, maintenance costs, and hassle of building your own system in-house.

How will Nodefy improve my product?

Nodefy's comprehensive set of webhooks, filters and integrations enable:

  • Better user engagement

  • Improved scalability

  • More efficient data handling

  • More time to build cool stuff

How can I get support?

Send a tweet or DM at Nodefy

Send an email to rj@nodefy.xyz

Cast to our Farcaster channel

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